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Shade Without Color

An AU Naruto RP

Shade Without Color: An AU Naruto RP Community
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Once upon a time, there was Earth. Earth was a nice little rock to live on---temperate enough to promote the flowering of myriad lives, strong enough to withstand even the smog and shit the humans pumped out on a regular basis. On Earth, there were three layers of existence: the Above, the Below, and the Middle. It had been this way since the tender beginning of time; the heavenly beings of the Order, backed by the Creator, lived Above, the demonic beings of Chaos, backed by the fallen star Lucifer writhed below, and, sandwiched Between, were the humans.

Six thousand years ago, there was only Chaos. The aforementioned 'God' created this world by pulling, separating and untwisting all the fragments of Order from Chaos. So it is said by the Ever Wise Cherubium. In this way were Humans created and Life in all its varied forms spread quickly to the four angles of the world.

In essence, the humans created the eternal War because they unconsciously fueled it. In the days of old, when the humans were nothing but tribes wandering the Earth and praying desperately for otherworldly guidance, the War was a mighty and tempestuous thing. Angels and demons clashed constantly, fueled by the belief and strength of the Middle layer.

But that belief, like anything else, waned. Humans pushed their technology and denied heaven and hell, recycling bibles for cell phones. Without the backing of their belief, the angels and demons began to fade. They redoubled their efforts, going to far as to reveal themselves to some of the more powerful humans---those with innate powers, the remnants of the Nephilium. The Order and Chaos fight only because they have been fighting since the beginning, and will do anything in order to keep that status quo.

However our story centers around a small town in Japan, named Konoha and the Significant Events that transpire there.

Welcome to a world where demonic baristas sacrifice chickens to Satan in their closet, where angels hand out religious pamphlets on the subway, and humans are finally called to action.

If you're ever alone and the pay phone rings, you still have the choice to answer the call---just be sure you know who's on the other end of the line.

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THE ORDER [Angels]

First Hierarchy:

SERAPHIM: These are the angels closest to the heavenly throne. It is said that the light they exhude is so intense, that not even other divine beings may look upon them. There is said to be four of these angelic beings.

CHERUBIM: The Cherubim hold limitless knowledge. It is also they who are often sent to earth with the greatest of tasks. They are the guardians of fixed stars, keepers of celestial records.

Second Hierarchy:

DOMINIONS: Dominions act as a sort of middle management. Their main task involves regulating the duties of lower angels. They receive their orders from the seraphim and cherubim and are responsible for ensuring that the cosmos remain in order.

VIRTUES: Concerned with maintaining the affairs of angels in the human world, Virtues are also concerned with with bestowing blessings upon deserving humans.

Third Hierarchy:

PRINCIPALITIES: The principalities watch over the mortal world directly, guiding and protecting the earth's nations, cities and towns. Also, they are given to the protection of religion and of politics.

ARCHANGELS: The archangels are tasked with not only overseeing the duties of other angels, but also lead the divine army during times of battle. Archangels also make up a specific rank of angels in the angelic hierarchy.

ANGELS: Angels are given to two major tasks. First, they are responsible for watching over the affairs of mortals in a more direct manner than the principalities. Angels watch over households of individual souls, guiding them subtly and keeping them safe from demonic attacks or influences.


The neutral world stands directly center of the left and right dimensions. Here is were everything can exist and everything can be destroyed. It is Earth, the neutral dimension that houses all humans and those of The Chaos and of The Order that cannot commit themselves to one or the other; or are punished to live their lives amongst the mortal world.

The effect of battles between the two conflicting forces of Order and Chaos has put a dampening on the human race. Although some see it as a gift to the human race. With each year something to the likes of mutations have occurred within the gene pool of the humans- leaving them with energy and powers that might one day equal those of the angels and demons.

Chaos and Order can only exist together in this realm. It is here they recruit their solders and it is here that they reign both destruction and wealth upon the mortal world. To them, it is merely a board where the game is played.

THE CHAOS [Demons]

First Hierarchy:

FALLEN SERAPHIM: These are the demons closest to the throne. They hold the strongest grip upon the realm of Chaos and dictate what is to be done. It is said that their dark is so powerful that demons instantly incinerate upon seeing them.

FALLEN CHERUBIM: The Cherubim hold the knowledge. It is also they who are often sent to earth with the greatest of tricks. The destroyers of the fixed stars, hunters of celestial records.

Second Hierarchy:

FALLEN DOMINIONS: Act as a sort of middle management holding the task of regulating the duties of lower demons. They receive their orders from the seraphim and cherubim and are responsible for ensuring that the cosmos remains in chaos.

FALLEN VIRTUES: Concerned with destroying the aspects of the natural world, but also with bestowing curses upon the material world as well.

Third Hierarchy:

FALLEN PRINCIPALITIES: The principalities watch over the mortal world directly, meddling and weakening the earth's nations, cities and towns. Also, they are to discombobulate religion and politics.

ARCHDEMONS: The archdemons are tasked with not only watching the duties of the demons, but also acting as the leaders in the unholy army during battle. It also serves to designate a specific rank of demons in the demonic hierarchy.

DEMONS: Demons are given to two major tasks. First, they are responsible for watching over the affairs of mortals in a more direct manner than the principalities. Demons watch over households and individual souls, tempting them subtlety and keeping them away from angelic influence.


First time playing in this style? Here are some things that will help with playing here. It seems pretty large but it is actually very easy once you get the basics down.

JOURNALS: Journals will be used as way to reveal to the players and optionally to certain characters the inner thoughts of the characters. This will be labelled as merely a [Stream Of Consciousness] to us. Anything in-between that header is visible to the players but not to the other characters. It is simply the thought process of the character and their views and opinions on current events.

As for the private messages they work in much the same way. They should be labelled as [Private to Character Name]or as [Open to Chaos/Order/Neutral]. These act much more like a post board where the characters can reply to things addressed to them.

As for journals of the characters on Earth, they shall be used as normal journals with the same aspect as everyone else with the access off all three realms. This does not include the Stream Of Consciousness.

This is not actually the character typing on a computer but a sort of energy flow. It’s not entirely logical but it is sort of like public thought stream that run around the realms. Much like the a stream of constant information that can just slap you in the face randomly. Fun, no? Here is an example.

COMMENTS: Comments are a way to communicate between characters without having to log. It can be randomly or something very serious depending on the speech of the characters.

Using the subject title on the comments players will be able to lock those comments from others and restrict it between two or more characters. Such as a label with [Private to Character name] would only be able to be seen by the character it is addressed to. Other characters should not be able to see it. We do as players, but the characters do not.

Comments can be between more than two characters. Labels such as [Private to Chaos] would be visible to anyone belong to The Chaos. Also comments can be between multiple characters as long as they are stated in the subject title. Here is an example.

If no subject title is placed on a comment it is visible to all characters. So watch out!

LOGGING: Logs are described as where the scenes of the game actually take place. This is where actions, speech and personality development will all happen. Logs are written to describe events and as well as things that happen off the journals.

The majority of the logs will take place over AIM. Players take turns writing in third person in small paragraphs about what their character is doing, saying and thinking. Once a post is made the other player will construct a reply in response to the actions and speech of the other character.

Logs should be editing and posted in the main community. Make sure to tag that log with what type of log it is (closed or action) and which characters are involved. The header should be as [Closed log] if completed.

Action threads usually happen when there are more that two characters involved or a player is waiting for something random to occur to their character. These are also posted in the main community with the appropriately tags and a subject title [Action Thread] Players will take turns with comments rather than posting in AIM. Here is an example.

In no means should you be writing for the opposite character. This includes speech, thoughts or actions. This is considered god modding which is not allowed. Just stick to what your character is doing and everything should be fine!

Logs should be posted with these subtitles filled out and than the log placed under an lj-cut;




(1) No god modding! This is when you make decisions and write for another character during logs, commenting or chats, and so forth. It is a forbidden thing!

(2) ACTIVITY is a MUST! Please do not apply, get accepted and then do nothing. It's discouraging to the other players that wish to role-play with you. Try to post at least once or twice a week.

(3) Lengthy Posts should be put under a LJ-cut. Learn to use the LJ-cut! Meme's and quizzes should also be under cuts.

(4) Please be respectful to the other players. Do not bring Out of Character into the In Character. This includes emotions, problems and bickers or fights. When you play with another character, you are no longer yourself and you are the character interacting with another.

(5) Refrain from negatively criticizing, or telling other people how to write or play their characters. The players work hard at their writing. If you seriously have a problem with they way one of the characters is being played, take it up with a mod.

(6) Heterosexuality and homosexuality are both allowed. There is no tolerance for arguing or bashing of either choice.

(7) There is a three character per player limit. Do not apply for more than three characters.

(8) If a hiatus is in order for you please inform one of the moderators or announce it within the out of character community. Please make sure you tell us why you need to be away just in case an Activity Check roles in.


Name: [Real, alias or nickname]
Age: [YOUR age]
AIM Screename:
LJ Username: [Your personal one]
Desired Character:
Character's Age:
Order/Neutral/Chaos: [Explain the reasoning behind your decision, and, if neutral, what "power" your character wields.]
Occupation/Angelic-Demonic Rank: [If applicable]
Character's Model: [Whom you wish to portray as your character]
History/Biography: [Two paragraphs minimum]
Third person writing sample: [Three paragraphs minimum]
Other Notes: [Anything else you want to tell us about you or your application?]

Copy this application and paste finished product HERE.


Mod: Kitty
LJ: theninjakitty
Aim: kyuubikitty
Email: iwillactuallycheckthis@hotmail.com

Mod: Mich
LJ: michrure
Aim: Rehcim
Email: Michrure@hotmail.com

Mod: Nate
LJ: singmetechno
Aim: dulcet raindance
Email: bwjajaja_saidrukia@yahoo.com

Mod: Jax
LJ: ketsuke
Aim: Untamed Mutt
Email: kedzume@yahoo.com

Mod: Ren
LJ: pretty_kozi
Aim: Konohashadowman
Email: lilbit075@hotmail.com

Mod: Jamie
LJ: owai
Aim: hilarosity
Email: teddybears.snore@gmail.com

Mod: Keryn
LJ: dianoetic
Aim: fallofrain143
Email: fallofrain@gmail.com

Name: Li
LJ: sesshiyuki
Aim: tooihoshi
Email: sesshiyuki@gmail.com

Yes. We are aware of our plethora of moderators.

Disclaimer and credits:

This game is a work of fiction created by our eight moderators. Although we have been highly influenced by religious and political occurances in the real world, be reminded that this is a work of fiction (including any and all changes that were made to better suit the game). Also, we do not own the characters of Naruto for the series and characters belong to Kishimoto, making him after all, the real God.

Thanks to Jamie for making lovely graphics for the community as well as composing the character table. Thanks to Kitty for the wonderful write up for the story introduction. Thank you to Nate and Jax for being the best rejecting bitches ever. Thanks to Keryn for proof checking and catching all the mistakes. Thanks to Li for being made of awesome and win. Thanks to Ren for the never-ending support. Thanks to Mich for writing the dimensions section and for being lame enough to give herself her own thank you note. And a huge thank you to all the players for being shiny!


Caveat: WHE